Crane servicing

Crane service, installation, advice and inspection

Do you want a 100% reliable and expertly inspected crane? We ensure safety with expert installations, servicing, original spare parts and regular inspections. If a crane malfunctions, our service team will fix the problem as soon as possible.

Your crane needs maintenance and regular servicing to work safely and smoothly

Overview of key elements of a crane

Steel cables, structure, brakes, motors, limit switches, hydraulics – all of these are vital parts of a crane that must not fail.

Weighing and setting overload switches

Ensure personal safety and safe operation of the crane. With certified scales and expertise, we set the crane’s load-bearing capacity. 

Replacement of steel cables

Crane maintenance also includes replacing steel cables. The replacements are carried out directly on site. Appropriate steel cables and a professionally executed replacement are key to safe work (without interruptions).

Electrical box and motors

Replacements and adjustments to frequency controllers as well as other electronics and wiring.

Radio controls

We repair your radio controls and always have spare parts and new radio controls in stock.

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