Meet our team


Vsaki stranki želimo olajšati in optimizirati gradnjo. Pomagamo lahko s
strokovnim svetovanjem in servisom ter vrhunsko opremo.

Zagotovo nam je uspelo posel v gradbeništvu ohraniti več kot 20 let tudi
zato, ker si pri vsakem projektu postavljamo visoke standarde.

Izzive imamo radi in z drzno strokovno ekipo smo jim vedno kos


Vsaki stranki želimo olajšati in optimizirati gradnjo. Pomagamo lahko s
strokovnim svetovanjem in servisom ter vrhunsko opremo.

Zagotovo nam je uspelo posel v gradbeništvu ohraniti več kot 20 let tudi
zato, ker si pri vsakem projektu postavljamo visoke standarde.

Izzive imamo radi in z drzno strokovno ekipo smo jim vedno kos

A team you can trust

We are a passionate team of creatives and experts in various fields.
We differ not only in specific knowledge, but also in character.
Together, we make a successful and highly motivated team that has the same passion – for work, for construction sites and for cranes.

Andrej Klančar

CEO and owner

He loves and cultivates the virtues of sales, relationships, and leadership. He tries to apply the knowledge of psychology every day. He is a fan of creativity and adrenaline. He prefers good relationships and acquiring new knowledge. He takes a long-term view of business. In his free time, he loves recreation, socializing, and fast driving.

David Rošić, vodja operacij, Klančar žerjavi

David Rošić

Chief operating officer  

He takes care of the company’s development, is a true unionist, and loves sales. Always up for action and a perpetual fan of Novak Djokovic.



Matjaž Može


He enjoys challenging projects that require patience and perseverance. A joker, enthusiast of motorcycles, and history lover.

Sanja Demark, Klančar žerjavi

Sanja Demark


Extremely motivated, diligent, and hardworking born salesperson. She loves weekends, enjoys cycling, hiking, and traveling.

Maja Gustinčič, Klančar žerjavi

Maja Gustinčič

Sales and business officer

Reliable, hardworking, and persistent. A big fan of “The Office” series. Enjoys reading good books. Always ready to learn. Her greatest passion is the sea, and her biggest desire is to travel to Scotland.

Urban Lukin

Urban Lukin


Passionate runner, a long-distance chaser. Blood donor. Family comes first for him. Fearless lover of challenges. Honest, smiling, always ready to find solutions and lend a helping hand. Believes in the unstoppable power of the team.


Jana Uran Klančar, Klančar žerjavi

Jana Uran Klančar

Head of accounting

Precise and highly organized. Enjoys working with numbers, carefully plans her time, and values precision. She loves her family, animals (she’s a “cat mom”), and friends. In her free time, she prefers outings and shopping.

Barbara Gomezelj, Klančar žerjavi

Barbara Gomezelj

Financial administrator of issued invoices and material bookkeeping

Exceptional precision, takes care of order in business, and is “our successful investigator.” Loves traveling, DIY, and adrenaline activities.

Manuela Stubelj, Klančar žerjavi

Manuela Stubelj


Masters numbers, is very precise, and positive. Loves the sea, flowers, the color pink, and once again, the sea.

Human resources, marketing and procurement

Tjaša Svetlič, Klančar žerjavi

Tjaša Svetlič

Human resources officer

She is careful and attentive. An active athlete, regularly conquering mountain peaks (both in summer and winter).

Vito Babuder, Klančar žerjavi

Vito Babuder

Head of marketing

Very creative person responsible for our company’s reputation and visibility. In his free time, you’ll often find him on a bike or in the mountains.

Rebeka Kocjančič Klančar žerjavi

Rebeka Kocjančič

Marketing Specialist 

Energetic, creative, and cheerful. Enjoys challenges and acquiring new knowledge. Loves traveling. In her free time, she enjoys running, conquering mountain peaks in both summer and winter, and cycling.

Aljoša Kalc, ekipa Klančar žerjavi

Aljoša Kalc


Passionate athlete. He believes that dedication and responsible play of valuable roles are important for successful team players both in sports and in business. With his creativity, innovation, and focus on action, goals, achievements, and results, he aims to bring out the best in himself and his surroundings.


Selena Smiljanić

Head of logistics 

Organized, persistent, and very responsible. Always ready for new challenges, as each challenge represents a valuable experience and an opportunity for learning.

Dejan Ćumurdžić, Klančar žerjavi

Dejan Ćumurdžić

Specialist of logistics

Master in Excel, precision, and neatness are in his DNA. Always equipped with the right joke.

Aleks Gomezel, Klančar žerjavi

Aleks Gomezel

Coordinator of store keeping 

Takes care of all activities in the warehouse, full of energy and good spirits, a basketball enthusiast.

Matevž Biščak, Klančar žerjavi

Matevž Biščak


He is very physically active and a passionate collector of sports shoes.

Matej Čepar, Klančar žerjavi

Matej Čepar


Full of various skills and experiences. Long-time president of the motorcycle club Gad. Enjoys hiking and loves adrenaline sports.

Sandi Skok, Klančar žerjavi

Sandi Skok


Precise, reliable, more reserved, but always enjoys good company. A sports enthusiast who, in his free time, takes turns on the motorcycle and engages in music production. His days are brightened by his golden retriever.


Marko Fajt, Klančar žerjavi

Marko Fajt

Head of service

He has an excellent sense of the people around him, cares for an excellent atmosphere in the team. A passionate fisherman, in love with the sea, and a culinary master.

Andraž Lukin - Klančar žerjavi

Andraž Lukin

Service clerk

Persistent and meticulous, work must always be done with quality and completed. A basketball player at heart, a passionate fan of Slovenian athletes, and an exemplary “couch coach.”

Sandi Nabergoj, Klančar žerjavi

Sandi Nabergoj


An exceptional mentor. Has completed more than 1800 crane installations, participated in the assembly of the tallest crane in the history of Slovenia at the Šoštanj Thermal Power Plant, and is an experienced mountaineer.

Klemen Kompara, Klančar žerjavi

Klemen Kompara

Service workshop coordinator

Young but very experienced mechanic who works with passion and enthusiasm. In his free time, he enjoys riding motorcycles and is a regular follower of Moto GP. He aspires to complete the pilot’s license.

Matej Pipan, Klančar žerjavi

Matej Pipan


Takes care of order in the warehouse, excellent in painting and welding, very precise. A fan of nautical activities and motorcycles.

Dominik Bevčič, Klančar žerjavi

Dominik Bevčič


A mind that is not afraid of any challenge with the principle: “everything is made to be fixable.”

Tadej Ravbar, Klačanr žerjavi ekipa

Tadej Ravbar


Engages in mountain speed racing and plays drums as a hobby. Enjoys learning and acquiring new knowledge.

Denis Simčič, Klančar žerjavi

Denis Simčić


From a young age, he has been involved in mechanics and motorcycles. Enthusiast of motorsports. Enjoys wandering in the mountains. In his free time, he plays the guitar and spends time with friends.

Fieldwork and technical support

Jani Komel, Klančar žerjavi

Jani Komel

Head of technical support and field operations

Extremely attentive to details and performs all tasks with precision. Loves technology, an avid cyclist, and a big fan of Valentino Rossi.

Matej Černe, Klančar žerjavi

Matej Černe

Fieldwork organizer

Organization and planning work are close to him; he has a lot of experience in operations. He loves outdoor sports, is an enthusiastic mountain biker, and enjoys grilling.

Jan Pavlovčič, Klančar žerjavi

Jan Pavlovič


He is our youngest member, enjoys adrenaline, loves fixing various machines, and goes hiking.

Kristjan Tavčar, Klančar žerjavi

Kristjan Tavčar

Crane erector eletrician

Technical know-it-all, joker, music, and food enthusiast. Loves Queen.

Blaž Pirec, Klančar žerjavi

Blaž Pirec

Crane erector leader

Adrenaline and motocross enthusiast, enjoys motor sports.

Erik Terčelj, Klančar žerjavi

Erik Terčelj

Crane erector leader

Lover and maker of cured meats, passionate about vintage cars.

Zoran Aksentić, Klančar žerjavi

Zoran Aksentić

Crane erector serviceman

An extremely active sports enthusiast. When you look for him, you most likely find him somewhere in the mountains (on foot or on a bike).

Matej Hrabar, Klančar žerjavi

Matej Hrabar

Crane erector serviceman

An experienced baker who has bid farewell to the bread oven and fallen in love with cranes. He is a fan of steel horses.

Martin Petrovčič, Klančar žerjavi

Martin Petrovčič

Crane erector serviceman

Engineer by education and at heart, loves challenges and teamwork, enjoys sports (fitness, mountains), and especially follows motor sports. Precise, honest, hardworking, and always ready to help others.

David Šlosar, Klančar žerjavi

David Šlosar

Crane erector serviceman

Precise, fond of numbers, experienced baker who traded the kitchen for fieldwork. He spends his free time hiking or cycling.

Domen Zidar, Klančar žerjavi

Domen Zidar

Crane erector serviceman

An athlete, tied to “rope” since childhood; loves caves, sports climbing, and mountaineering. In addition, he runs, engages in airsoft, and technology. Values his good friends.

Robi Kaluža, Klančar žerjavi

Robi Kaluža

Crane erector

Caring, persistent, dedicated, and always ready for new challenges. Enjoys learning new things and engages in various sports. Appreciates good music and spending time with loved ones.

Dean Jazbar, Klančar žerjavi

Dean Jazbar


Professional driver, rally enthusiast, always smiling.

Jasmin Hodžić, Klančar žerjavi

Jasmin Hodžić

Crane operator

Persistent, precise, hardworking. In his free time, he visits the gym and travels.