2021 do 2022

Alternative route for delivery of medicines / construction hoist

With a construction hoist, we enabled an alternative transport route for medicines to the pharmacy.

Gradbeno dvigalo na stavbi UKC Maribor

About the project

VG5 d.o.o.

Maribor, Slovenia

Due to the construction of the elevator, the usual transport route for the delivery of medicines was closed. Our construction hoist took care of this during this time.


UKC Maribor

Our solution

A challenge

Due to the construction of new fire elevators and the conversion of fire sectors in the high-rise building of UKC Maribor, the normal transport route for the delivery of medicines to the pharmacy was interrupted.

Therefore, the client was looking for a solution to ensure uninterrupted delivery of medicines during the construction works.

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Our solution

The usual transport route was closed due to the arrangement of the construction site.

During the tour, we agreed to install a construction hoist with an open basket large enough for the delivery people to place a 120 x 80 cm pallet in for the delivery of medicines.

The elevator lowered the pallet of medicines one level down, where the pallet elevator then took the medicines from the hoist to the pharmacy.

Down, not up

Technically it was not demanding, but we are used to construction hoists being used to lift material to different floors in buildings of several floors in height.

On this project, however, the client used the elevator to lower the material only one floor below.

This is another practical example of the wide range of applicability of construction hoists in different situations.

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