Floor renovation, Hotel Central / construction hoist

Renovation of the floor in Hotel Central on Miklošičeva cesta in Ljubljana, where a new hostel concept - Fuzzy Log - was created after the renovation.

About the project

IP Central d.o.o.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Renovation of the floor in Hotel Central on Miklošičeva, where a new hostel concept, Fuzzy Log, was created after the renovation.


The Fuzzy Log (Facebook stran)

Our solution

Reconstruction without the use of internal transport routes

By using an external hoist, the client completely avoided the use of internal routes for the export and import of material, which meant that the internal elevators, tower platforms and the entrance remained clean throughout the renovation.

The client brought various materials into the building (installations, floor coverings, furniture and material for prefabricated walls).

Since a hoist with a loading area of 4 meters was used, we enabled the client to transfer all, even the longest elements, completely safely in a closed hoist without the use of additional lifting equipment.


Since the floor on which the work was taking place was set back from the edge of the building, we placed a structure made of construction scaffolding directly in it for the purpose of access, which served as a bridge between the hoist and the terrace of the floor.