Viaduct Gabrovica, 2TDK / second track

Construction of pillars of the Gabrovica railway viaduct as part of the 2TDK project / second track.

About the project

Yapi Merkezi 

Gabrovica pri Črnem Kalu, Slovenija

Description of the facility
We work with three tower cranes for the foundation and construction of the railway viaduct columns with a height of 64 m and a span of 416 m.
We approached the search for a solution to reduce costs and ensure compliance with the applicable European standards required by such a location, given the wind speeds measured in the past.


Our solution

A new perspective on crane placement

From the original plan of building each column with one crane, we, together with the client, at our suggestion, placed the tower cranes in such a way that three columns could be built with only two cranes.

This was made possible by the free-standing placement of the cranes without anchoring to the columns and the utilization of the terrain, which allowed us to place the cranes higher than the +0.0 column angle.

The other three pillars on the other side of the valley will also be built using the same approach.

Freestanding cranes

Free-standing tower cranes without anchoring to viaduct columns enable independent construction progress without the risk of delays during anchoring.

In this project, the combination of high wind loads and high altitude required special care.

We also involved crane manufacturers to ensure safety and compliance with standards.

Involvement in the project

Throughout the entire project and construction planning, we help the client with:

  • prepare accesses for assembly,
  • execution of foundation plates for cranes,
  • drawing up the organization of cranes, which ensures the coverage of key parts of the construction site and the safe crossing of cranes,
  • term adjustments,
  • service and maintenance of cranes.