We work with great dedication and to our fullest abilities all the year-round. We participate in major and minor projects. Because of our rich experience and professional knowledge, construction companies want to work with us and appreciate our tips on equipment and the construction process. Every job is done professionally and with a lot of energy.

From the beginning until today we have helped more than 700 customers who are loyal to us.


Shopping centre “Plaza”, Belgrade, 2016

The implementing enterprise:
The design/project: Shopping centre "Plaza", Belgrade
The description of the project: In beggining of 2016 we started with our biggest project to date. On customers behalf we erected 5 tower cranes with jib lenghts from 50 - 57,5m. Views on Danube from top of the cranes are amazing!

Disassembly of the tower crane, facility Solis, Koper, in 2014

The implementing enterprise:
The design/project: Dissasembly of the crane from an unfinished build site.
The description of the project: We were asked by the municipality of Koper to dissasemble an abandoned crane from a construction site. We made an agreement with the Italian owner of the Comedil CT 651 crane. Its 65-m long jib was set at the height of 55 m. It had been left unused for a very long time when we retrieved it.

Erection of self erecting crane, Strunjan, 2015

The implementing enterprise: Installation of self erecting crane, Strunjan, 2015
The design/project: Residential house
The description of the project: For a partner, we provided a crane in hardly accessible plot - because of the remoteness of the site and challenging road we used truck and tractor for towing a crane. Projects on the coast are repeatedly carried out in difficult sites where you construction with crane seems impossible, but we'll always find a solution for you!

Hydroelectric power plant Brežice, in 2015

The implementing enterprise: RGP d.o.o.
The design/project: Building Hydroelectric power plant on the river Sava
The description of the project: Hydroelectric plant Brežice is one of six hydroelectric plants on the lower stream of the river Sava. We helped build this huge concrete construction by renting out two self-erecting cranes: Potain HD25(jeeb 27m) and the Cattaneo CM82S4(jeeb 32m).

Building a residential house, Ravne na Koroškem in 2014

The implementing enterprise: Demir gradnje d.o.o.
The design/project: Wood/Metal frame construction, an apartment building
The description of the project: Our crane was used to build the structural frame. It was in function when the foundation was being built until the area surrounding the house was landscaped. A crane is the best choice from an economical point of view for frame construction. It makes the construction process faster, less expensive and safer.

Residential neighborhood Zeleni gaj, Brdo in 2013

The implementing enterprise: Strabag d.o.o., Javna razsvetljava Ljubljana d.d.
The design/project: building of the new residential community
The description of the project: We helped with the construction of this residential neighborhood. We rented and set 10.000m2 of scaffold in length and two cranes, a Potain MC 85B (height 30m) and Cattaneo CM 90S4. The cranes are still set at this construction site if you want to see an example of our equipment.

Nordic center Planica 2014

The implementing enterprise: Tosidos d.o.o
The design/project: New construction NC Planica
The description of the project: We cooperated when the underground concrete construction was being built. In this facility there is a cross-country skiing area that can be covered with snow all the year round. We provided three cranes: a Potain MC 85B(height 40m ) and two Cattaneo CM 90s4. In this way, we achieved coverage of the entire construction site.