Office containers

Why an office container?

An office container provides an immediate solution for spatial constraints.

It ensures the safety and protection of equipment and personnel on-site.

The office container offers the flexibility you need while providing peace of mind, including electrical connections and furniture, enabling seamless and cost-effective work anywhere.

It is adaptable and can be customized according to your needs and preferences, whether you require additional offices, sales spaces, or anything else.

With easy portability to different locations, the office container ensures adaptability to changes in projects.

Office container = your mobile office space

With the office container, everything revolves around simplicity.

  • Simple solution,
  • Simple space customization,
  • Simple mobility,
  • Simple high-quality space.

Advantages of office containers

Office containers are mobile, quickly deployable, and more cost-effective. Your new office can be swiftly moved to another part of the construction site. You can set up your new working environment faster compared to traditional office construction, all while saving costs.

Containers tailored to your needs: the choice is yours, whether to buy or rent

You have the option to choose the perfect solution for your needs and preferences. You can decide between purchasing or renting a container.

We offer flexibility and the opportunity to choose what suits you best.

Your satisfaction is our top priority, so we are here to help you select the best solution.

Pisarniški kontejner, Klančar žerjavi
Pisarniški kontejner 3 m. Klanačr žerjavi

Kontejner dolžine 3 m

  • External dimensions (DxWxH): 3.14 x 2.05 x 2.40 m
  • Floor: particleboard
  • Floor covering: linoleum

The 3-meter office container offers a quick and cost-effective solution.

Kontejner dolžine 4 ali 6 m

  • External dimensions – option 1: (Length) 4.13 x (Width) 2.43 x (Height) 2.67 meters – option 2: (Length) 6.13 x (Width) 2.43 x (Height) 2.67 meters
  • Floor: particleboard
  • Floor covering: linoleum

Choose the appropriate size that will meet your space and efficiency requirements.

Skladiščni kontejner, Klančar žerjavi

Sladiščni kontejner

  • External dimensions: (L) 6.13 x (W) 2.43 x (H) 2.67 meters
  • Talna plošča: iverka
  • Talna obloga: linolej

With this container, you can efficiently organize warehouse spaces and ensure their security.

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