Crane rental

Efficient work in just a few steps

First, we inspect the site and get familiar with the tasks and recommend the right crane for your project. We then organize all the necessary documentation for setting up and operating the crane, and inspect it before handing it over. We make sure that our cranes are reliable and safe with regular servicing, monthly inspections and use of original spare parts.

Any technical problems are fixed within 24 hours by our team of experienced technicians. All our cranes are insured, so you can work completely worry-free.

We advise you on the optimal
crane for your project

We are happy to inspect your construction site, because this is the only way we can offer the optimal solution for your construction project.

Easy crane renting process

It’s really simple, because we do it all! First, we inspect the site and choose a crane that suits your needs. The crane is then brought in, set up and maintained throughout its operation.

Advising on crane choice

Cranes have been our passion for over 40 years, so you can be sure that we will be able to recommend the one that will best suit your needs.

Installation, dismantling and relocation

A team of trained and experienced technicians will ensure a fast and safe installation of the crane on your construction site. We can handle it anytime, anywhere, even in the most challenging places.

Fast and efficient construction

A crane does the job on site much faster and more efficiently than a human. It can quickly and easily handle many tasks that would otherwise take a lot of time. 


The presence of a crane has been proven to reduce the number of injuries on construction sites by relieving workers from heavy and dangerous work.


On average, a crane replaces two or more workers and gets the job done much faster, which means less costs for you.

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