June 2023

One crane on rails, the other crane on the portal, Incom Ajdovščina

In a limited space, we provided the client with efficient and economical solution: one crane on rails, the other crane on the portal.

About the project

Priminvest d.o.o.

Ajdovščina, Slovenia

Construction of an automated high-rack refrigerated warehouse by Incom Leone.


Članek o gradnji skladišča (Lokalne Ajdovščina)

Our solution

The challenge

In Ajdovščina, we used two approaches for the construction of an automated high-rack refrigerated warehouse, which enabled the client to efficiently and economically transfer cargo on a construction site with many space limitations.

The new building is located between existing industrial buildings on one side and the railway on the other, which meant a general lack of space around the building.

Construction crane on rails

From the start of construction, the 200-meter-long facility was covered by one tower crane rails.

In the first phase of construction, a construction crane was used to create the foundation slab and install the prefabricated double walls.

In the second phase, the crane was used for the assembly of the metal structure and the installation of the insulating wall and roof covering of the warehouse.

We moved the crane gradually in accordance with the progress of the construction.

Construction crane on a portal

In addition to the crane on the rails, in the second phase, after the construction of the base plate, another tower crane was installed outside the building.

Since the optimal location of the crane was right on the supply road of the construction site, we placed this construction crane on a portal, which enabled the client to use the supply road for the entire construction site unhindered.

The portal with a passage height of 4.5 meters thus allowed the passage of all freight vehicles.

Regular monitoring and counseling

We advised the client through all phases of the project, preparation of the conceptual design of the construction cranes, intermediate adjustments, assembly and disassembly, and participated in some weekly coordinations.