September 2023

The roof over the Križanke auditorium

Crane for assembling the roof structure in Križanke.

About the project

MKE d.o.o.

Ljubljana, Slovenija

Description of the facility
With a crane in the city on an inaccessible construction site, we enable the installation of the roof structure.


Our solution

Access denied

Every construction intervention in Križanke is very special because of the difficult access. Most of the installed material has to be transported by air from the nearby parking lot, over the wall into the interior of Križanki. Therefore, choosing the right lifting device is important.

Due to the compactness of the foundation, the tower crane does not take up a lot of space during operation on the ground, while at the same time it enables the coverage of a large radius, which is why it was also a logical choice this time, despite the heavy weight of the elements.

Carrying capacity

In this case, we enabled the client to lift elements weighing up to 4,700 kg at a radius of 55 m with a powerful construction crane, which was enough for the assembly of the entire roof in Križanke.

We attach great importance to the examination of the required load capacity during the planning phase of the necessary cranes, because with the right choice, we make it possible to lift all, or at least most, of the loads during construction.

This makes it possible to reduce unplanned costs due to the rental of additional lifting equipment during the project itself, and at the same time relieves planning on the construction site during the implementation phase.

Involvement in the project

We worked with the client:

  • Preparation of an offer for the client before obtaining the work
  • Inspection of load capacity before implementation, placement of the crane on the construction site
  • Advice on the preparation of the crane foundation
  • Organization of prisons for assembly and disassembly 
  • Service and maintenance of cranes