Bridge m1 – Karavanke

The bridge to the second tube of the Karavanke tunnel.

About the project


Hrušica, Slovenia

Description of the facility
For the construction of the M1 bridge over the Sava Dolinka, which will serve as a bridging facility for the road to the second tube of the Karavansk tunnel, we worked with three cranes. Together with the construction site manager, we inspected the terrain for assembly, potential obstacles, and selected the location and type of cranes based on data on the required load capacities.

Most v Karavankah

Our solution

Sava Dolinka

The foundations for the cranes are placed right next to the riverbed of the Sava Dolinka, which required monitoring the flatness of the foundation for the crane throughout the entire construction process, especially during weather conditions that could reduce the stability of the soil in the area of the foundation.

Pillars of public lighting

Many times the most obvious obstacles can be “in the way”. It was necessary to take into account the height of the public clearing on the existing bridge, which represented the highest point above which the cranes had to rotate

Involvement in the project

Throughout the entire project and construction planning, we help the client with:

  • Drawing up the organization of cranes, which ensures coverage of key parts of the construction site and safe crossing of cranes
  • Term adjustments
  • Service and maintenance of cranes