The Rog Centre

Renovation and construction of the Rog Center.

About the project

Makro 5 gradnje d.o.o.

Ljubljana, Slovenija

Description of the facility
The biggest challenge before the start of assembly was access to the construction site itself, as 14 full truckloads of equipment need to be delivered to the construction site for the needs of both assemblies. In the continuation of the project, a previously undetected underground corridor near the crane was revealed.
Center Rog

Our solution

City access

By protecting the ground, we ensured that the trucks did not damage the paved surfaces when turning onto the construction site, and we worked closely with the client to close the access road in time in order to ensure a sufficient turning radius for the trucks to enter the construction site, through the front door of the Rog center.

As is often typical for projects in the city, here too the building under construction does not represent the highest point over which the crane must rotate. In this case, this object is a residential block opposite Centra Rog, due to which the highest crane is placed at a height below the hook of 42m.

Underground corridor

After the installation of the second crane, the client discovered a buried, previously undetected corridor near the foundation of the crane. Such cases are often the cause of unpleasant situations in cities.

Fortunately, this corridor was not dangerous. Nevertheless, due to other construction site activities, the client supported the corridor slab and ensured the smooth continuation of the work.

Savings on the foundation for the crane

For one of the cranes, we proposed to the client the use of prefabricated concrete base plates instead of a reinforced concrete foundation for the crane. These prove to be very economical in cases where the client intends to make the concrete slab only for the needs of the crane and it is no longer useful in the later phase of the project or it is even necessary to remove only this.

When ensuring sufficient compactness and flatness of the terrain, we therefore use prefabricated concrete slabs for multiple use, thereby saving the client the production of a concrete foundation.

Involvement in the project

Throughout the entire project and construction planning, we help the client with:

  • Studies of the preparation of access to the construction site
  • Positioning of cranes and determining the type of foundation
  • The choice of cranes and the configuration of cranes, so that only this meets all the needs of the construction site and does not pose a danger to the surrounding facilities
  • Service and maintenance of cranes